The Positivity Post

Positivity Post #1

“If you are irritated by something today, “agree to the feeling” rather than getting triggered by it… simply by taking a few deep breaths. The moment you disagree and get irritated, resistance is created. With resistance comes the experience of suffering. Instead, be with the emotion, trust that it is there to polish you towards your greater good – it can teach you tolerance, and actually help you become more patient and resilient. What you resist will persist. Let the irritation flow past you and be polished by it.”

Stolen from a friend on Facebook

Productive things I have done today

  • Attended my doctors appointment
  • Tidied my room, changed my bed sheets
  • All of my washing done
  • Sorted my finances/bills/savings
  • Made this blog post!

Current Playlist

Georgia – Started Out Sam Fender – Play God Grimes – We Appreciate Power Twenty One Pilots – Chlorine BMTH – Nihilist Blues Foals – Exits The Cure – Close to Me Enter Shikari – The Last Garrison Run The Jewels – Panther Like Panther

Things to look forward to soon

  • 3 day weekend
  • Free house
  • Takeaway food & movie night
  • Lunch with friends
  • Visiting grandma

This is the first post in what will hopefully become a weekly or bi-weekly series in order to give me a clearer and more positive headspace. What have you been up to recently and what do you have to look forward to? Don’t trivialise the small things you accomplish to keep yourself content.

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An Easy DIY Winter Lookbook

If like me you suffer from ‘ 24/7 jeans and t shirt’ syndrome; and are in dire need of a good old wardrobe switch up, please feel free to follow me on this journey of building a doable winter lookbook based on clothes I already have in my wardrobe….kind of.

I am an avid Pinterest board creator, and while it is always pleasing to create dream boards of designer gear I’ll never afford and luxury items that I could only dream of owning, I then found myself designing a board based on styles I already own in my wardrobe, but just require that extra ping of inspiration to put them together, in the hope of motivating me to get out of this constant ‘jeans and tshirt’ phase. So here is my lookbook for the coming winter months and a few tips on how to create your own lookbook without having to photograph everything in your wardrobe!

Leather Trousers

Items owned: grey jacket, leather trousers, jumper, boots.

Never did I think that leather trousers could be worn as a casual winter style, and ever since the discovery that leather trousers paired with a nice warm pullover and jacket, and a nice chunky boot (or even trainers), this has become my go to alternative to boring blue jeans!


Items owned: Jumper, leggings, big socks, winter boots

Kind of a simple one but I can never seem to fashion leggings to look like anything other than nightwear. Sometimes adding simple accessories like nice big woolly socks and a few layered shirts/jumpers can make all the difference, and if you happen to be in the UK at the time of me writing this then boy do we need those extra layers!

Skirts & Trainers

Items owned: Black skirt/dress, leather jacket, white trainers

A dress in winter?! Apparently it’s not a ridiculous concept to show a cheeky bit of shin in the winter months, as you can dress down a skirt or dress with the use of a winter jacket and trainers/boots with or without tights. Before a bit of ‘Pinspiration’ I would have shunned the idea completely!

So these are a few looks I’ve been experimenting with using the items from my own wardrobe, and the jeans have been hidden away for another day…well apart from my one pair of trusty black jeans which I will carry (or wear) to the grave!

So let me know if any of you have created boards to form an inspiration lookbook based on the items in your wardrobe, by simply using images already available on Pinterest. If anyone else has any great tips for using Pinterest as a life hack/organiser/motivator please feel free to share!

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And so it begins….

I have no idea what I’m doing….how’s that for an introduction? This is the start of my 2019 journey, the year I turn 30, ouch. This blog is going to document my adventure through adulthood, trying new hobbies, taking new trips, discovering new things, and ultimately, remind me that my life is fulfilling and worth living!

The 2019 Big List of Stuff

Ok so…to start this blog off right, I’m going to make an obligatory list of things I would like to achieve this year. No fuss, nothing ridiculous, totally achievable goals.

  • Start a new hobby (sewing, walking, cooking)
  • Blog every week
  • Take a few solo trips, within UK
  • Keep up with my journal/weekly schedule
  • Attend at least 15 gigs
  • Book a holiday
  • Start a side business online (selling or blogging)
  • Have ‘X’ amount of money saved by May 2019
  • Have ‘X’ amount of money saved by December 2019

Ok guys that’s it, simple and achievable, and definitely extendable, so watch this space! Don’t really know who I’m talking to at this point, just my own psyche for now! Here’s to a great year!